Wealth Meditation: Going Beyond the Visible, © Diana Demar

Wealth meditation is a natural state of human existence related to the ability to see beyond the visible, the obvious, and the material. There’s a lot more than what you are able to see at this moment. There’s wealth and riches within and all around you. While true riches can be described in many ways, no matter what kind of riches you have set your sights on – love, success, freedom from worry, an excess of funds – I want you to know that what you need already exists within you—that is the Source of Wealth in You™. You are born with it, but your purpose for this lifetime is to reconnect with it.

What is enough? Webster’s dictionary describes enough as “sufficient to meet a need.” If we were to pick it apart further, we would find that sufficient translates to “the required amount.” In my experience, what is required is usually what is to simply enough get by.

When you apply for a job, you will often find this information under job qualifications. “Bachelor degree in science required” you might read, or “minimum requirement of lifting 50 pounds a day.” This means that you at least have to have this certain qualification to be “enough” for the job at hand and to be good “enough” for the company to hire you for the position. These are the minimum requirements. They are deemed “enough”.

To have “enough” in life, we need food, shelter, love, and clothing. These are required for living. However, we can get all of these things in different sizes, different amounts, and different forms. What I perceive as rich, might be completely different to someone else. I might find riches in my friends, my soul and my family. Others might measure their wealth by money and treasures alone. But, when we focus our thoughts on what we need and what we want, we will find that we don’t have to choose between the two. Inside us all, I have discovered, is the Source of Wealth in You™, which is the unlimited Source of Wealth that we can draw from any time. There isn’t a school or university that will reveal this secret to you or teach you how to reconnect with it, because this is where we all come from. It’s up to you to keep searching until you connect with it.

You can give a little love or a lot. You can live in bondage of your own thoughts, or. you can choose to be free. In other words, you can settle for the obvious, or you can go beyond. You can have what is spectacular, what will ultimately make your life unforgettable, and all of this is right within you if you only dare to look.

Dare to Be Spectacular

Did you know that you are created spectacular, extraordinary, and awe-inspiring? Did you know that right inside your very being, right this very moment, your Higher Self, your real self, your soul, the one created by God, is the Truth. Do you know that you are created to be not ordinary, but to be unlike anything the world has ever seen before? For instance, if you were to take your fingerprints, put them under a microscope, and scan them against a database of every other fingerprint in the world, you would find that they match no one’s. That is how unique you are.

I know that God created each one of us with a specific purpose that no one else can do. We are all called here and created to do something extraordinary that no other human or creature can accomplish. Consider this: could this be the reasoning behind our unique prints? Could this be God saying, “There is no one else like you. No one else can do what I sent you here to do. No one else can touch the lives of others like you can.”

Today, I want to encourage you to go beyond the obvious. I want to inspire you to give your own meaning to what enough may be. I want you to live spectacularly, in such a way that it is clear to you and to those around you. Even in times that you don’t seem to “have it together”, see the big picture in the grand scheme of life – the purpose and meaning behind it all.

I invite you to explore wealth meditation further. Begin to focus on what you need in life. Imagine and feel it happening. See yourself and experience the feeling of receiving that promotion before it happens. You already have an over abundance of everything that you need. See the moment you meet the love of your life, and carry that with you at all times. In doing this, you produce faith, and you will attract it into your life. The laws of our universe are present and at work at all times.

Expect the best, and know that you are destined to go beyond enough and straight into the realm of the awe-inspiring kind of life you are created to live.

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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