Wealth Abundance: Riches that Matter, © Diana Demar

People value wealth abundance as something different, but somehow, without even realizing it, everyone craves the same worth in their lives. It’s a worth that says, “You matter. You have a place in this world. You have a specific purpose to fulfill. There is a reason behind your creation.” People want to know these things. I know that I do.

I have a dear friend who has a house full of children. In her house, there is always an “abundance” of dirty underpants on the floor of her son’s room, a bevy of rubber ducks in the bathroom tub, and noise coming from every room. While they live in a small country cottage and seemingly spill from the doors, they are some of the richest people that I know.

While I do not yet have children and my house is spotless and perfectly organized, we share something in common. We are both abundantly wealthy – both in different ways, but both with great worth. The two of us share a purpose. Though completely unique, we are connected through energy, God, and through our creation destined for infinite treasures.

The Infinite Spiritual Wealth

In our struggling economy, and in general, most people are caught up in the material things of life. Material wealth, however, is temporary, and it will come to you only when you tap into your spiritual wealth. Our spiritual wealth on the other hand is infinite.

If we reexamine the definition of wealth abundance, we will find that we are often richer than we realize and that we have more than enough. If you tap into the Source of Wealth in You™, you will find that you have a well of riches to draw from. Within you, there is a constant flow of energy that is love, positivity, prosperity, and light. God created these eternal riches for you to pull from, to motivate you, to learn how to utilize, and become an example to others.

How do you measure wealth? Do you look at the size of your bank account, the size of your blessings, or the worth of creation? If you haven’t looked at the latter two lately, stop to take another look. The purpose of your life, the air you breathe, the friends you share, and the lives you touch can all be summed up brilliantly by Oscar Wilde who said, “Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul, there are infinitely, precious riches that cannot be taken from you.”

Control Your Destiny

Beginning to see yourself for who you really are will, at first, seem foreign. This is the human mind and ego that confuse you and constantly plays tricks with your pure spirit. Doubt is something that you face each day, but you CAN control your mind. You must learn how to use the negativity that you encounter as a lesson to learn from, to see the message in it, refuse to let it in, and replace it with the positive. One thought can change your day, so make it an empowering one. Positive reactions will change your actions – yours and those of the people around you. As someone once said, “A smile is contagious, but so is a frown.”

Today, I ask you to take a look within and meditate on wealth abundance that exists within each one of you. This is what makes you who you are – the love within that flows like a river, the pure energy inside you that is connected with the infinite and purposeful. My wish for you today is that you begin to realize who you really are – a true source of wealth abundance and begin to live your life to the fullest.

Keep in mind that as soon as we are born into the material world we forget who we are. This is the nature of this world. It is a world of chaos, confusion, pain, and suffering. Your purpose is to overcome all of this and to rise above it. When you begin to discover who you are, you will find that life becomes so much easier. You will notice that the extraordinary begins to overtake the seemingly ordinary. You will start to gain control of your own thoughts. The “right” people will start showing up. You will change the way you look at this world, and you will live your purpose in it.  You must, however, invest some time for meditation, so you can reconnect to your divine power to achieve success. It requires you to learn the simple principles of our perfect universe so that you know how to draw wealth abundance from the Source of Wealth in You™.

If there is something that feels uneasy, troubling, or negative in your life, release it.  Make room for wealth abundance. Remember, you cannot control others or their actions. You can only control yourself, and when you do, others will naturally become aware of it and they will do it too. They will begin to share your example. In releasing the desire to control, you actually gain more control of your own destiny.

As you go about your day today, remember the power of the Source of Wealth in You™, and tap into it.  So what are you waiting for? Get living!

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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