• The Road to Happiness Wealth: So Much More than Money, © Diana Demar

    Everyone says that they want to be happy, and most people say they want to be wealthy. Putting these two terms together gives you an entirely new term and a way of existence: happiness wealth. Happiness wealth includes everything you could ever dream of, whether it’s money, joy, fame, or a family that loves you. Happiness wealth means that you are literally wealthy with happiness. The road to happiness wealth may only seem like a long one, with bumps along the way, but it depends solely on you and how you choose it to be.
    You’re an essential part of the Universe. We are made of energy, and, we’re surrounded by it. There is a constant flow of energy exchange within you, and around you, both at the same time. One of the most important parts of living is as simple as taking care of yourself and making you a priority. You are created to play a certain role in the Universe with a specific purpose for this particular lifetime. It’s amazing what the Universe will bring to your door when you care for yourself.
    When you stop caring for yourself, you interfere energetically with the opportunity to fulfill that role and purpose. Those who stop taking care of themselves essentially pull themselves out of the greater Universe as a whole. This is the point when illness begins to set in. The energy flow within, and, on the outside of your body will become disrupted. You will be unable to function at anything close to 100 percent, and your happiness wealth will get farther away.
    Take some time today to care for yourself. I know you’re busy, but take an hour to spend a quiet time relaxing, less time talking and away from everything. The truth resides in the silence within. Look at the tree outside. Is that tree moving left or right, up or down? The answer is no. The tree is peaceful and standing still. Occasionally, the tree will be swayed by the wind, but it will remain still at its root. When your own energy, at the center of your being, is peaceful, the energy within and around you will keep flowing freely, and life will flow easier, too. The next real opportunity will soon come knocking on your door.


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