• The Power of Forgiveness… Today is the Day to Let Go, © 2010 by Diana Demar

    Everyone has been angry or upset at someone at one time or another. This is an instance where no one is subject to difference . . . in life, it is a constant reassurance . . . that we all need to give and to receive… forgiveness. Knowing that we will all need forgiveness at some point or another can help us give it more freely to others . . . but it still doesn’t come easily.

    Often times we “convince” ourselves that choosing to not forgive is a form of vengeance. If somehow we refuse to forgive then in some small way perhaps this will be a tiny justice. But in all actually, un-forgiveness is like a putrid poison. While refusing to forgive someone is not likely to kill the person you are angry with . . . if left to fester it will slowly begin to erode your spirit.

    The human mind and ego always stands on the way of joy and happiness. In addition anything that you’re holding onto must be released so you can receive, and the natural energy flow within and around you flows freely. When we choose to forgive we are saying that we refuse to let our ego and the negative emotions such is hatred get the better of us.

    By choosing to forgive we will release the stagnated energy flow from within us that blocks the natural flow of the universal energy. Just like the creek flows freely and when you put some heavy rocks on the way of the flow- it overflows on the sides and it blocks the natural water flow. And by forgiving others you will not only release yourself from your own mind and ego games, but others from their own mind and ego games.
    Don’t live a life of mediocrity. Claim the power of forgiveness today and live a life that is not only spectacular but purposeful. Is there someone you haven’t forgiven? Maybe THIS is the day to let it go and make that call.


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