The New Emotional Psychology,
© Diana Demar

During times of trouble, like the recent recession, people begin looking within more than ever. The result is a new emotional psychology that brings us closer to the truth.  So what exactly does this new emotional psychology encompass?  It shows that people are re-learning the way they are meant to exist by reconnecting with their souls and the innate source of wealth.

A lot is heard these days about emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to read other people’s emotions.  But this new emotional psychology that so many are experiencing is the ability to control themselves – their minds, thoughts, egos, reactions, and actions, respectively.

The Problem

The problem everyone faces is that our material world has convinced society that the source of wealth can be found on the outside.  Everyone wants more, more, and more.  More money, houses, cars and the list can go on and on. People focus on the external sources of wealth, but none of them are the true source of wealth.  The true source of wealth lies within you – that is The Source of Wealth in You™.  What you must do is to learn how to reconnect with it and tap into its resources! This is the only true guaranteed source of riches there is.

Everyone has been given a purpose in life, and only through the discovery of The Source of Wealth in You™ can you complete your life’s mission, so you can transform and move on to a higher level of existence. The material world is a test to pass and a stepping-stone to enlightenment on the never-ending journey of life.

Putting Emotional Psychology into Action

Let’s take a moment to determine how emotional psychology plays into our lives.  What do you require to take control of your life?  How can you get to know yourself when you simply forgot who you are as soon as you are born into the material world?  The key is to find some balance between your head and your heart.  You once had this perfect balance, because you come from perfection – God. But, as time went on, something changed.  You started focusing on “thinking” instead of “being”, and that requires control of your thoughts. This means that you must acknowledge them as they come and go, but don’t focus on them so much. Your thoughts are a never-ending volcano eruption that constantly spills magma, ash, and gases out into the world that you live in. The shift in your thinking moved to your head, and feeling with your heart began to fall on the back burner.  But the answer to all of your questions lies in the balance between your heart and head, and it takes awareness to reconnect with your heart.

To begin your process of reconnection, spend some time to consciously breathe, that is The Source of Wealth in You™ Meditation, until it becomes a second nature to you and a state of being.  Sit quietly or lie down on your back, and become fully aware of your breathing along with the rhythm of your heartbeat. This is the beginning of emotional psychology.

Allowing Emotional Psychology to Change Your Life

Emotional psychology allows your body to be purified from within.  Part of the problem with life in the material (aka physical) world is that when you aren’t following the nature’s path, your body reacts with illness.  You body becomes sick when your life does not follow the path that you are meant to follow. This is why emotional psychology is so important for those who truly want to discover their source of wealth.  In fact, you will arrive to it, sooner or later, regardless. You must understand yourself completely before you can begin to lead the life that you are meant to lead and uncover The Source of Wealth in You™ that is the only real and permanent source of wealth.

You will never find the answers to any question by looking outside of yourself.  You already have the answers to every problem and they are within you. You simply forgot how to reconnect with those answers and with your internal source.  This is another test that you must pass while here, on Earth.

Think of your internal source as a well.  Deep inside the ground lies life-giving water, but you can’t make use of that water until you lower the bucket down into your depths.  You require that vital connection of rope, bucket, and water in order for the life-giving source to flow freely from within.

How much time have you spent looking inward lately?  Have your sights been focused on temporary sources of wealth that are outside of yourself?  I know the answer is “yes”. If you think that owning a particular car will make you happy, then what would happen next when you own that car for awhile? You will always be reaching for more. What you must really be aiming toward is reaching within to discover your true mission and purpose for this specific period of a lifetime given to you.

Understanding yourself and reconnecting with The Source of Wealth in You™ is the only way to discover your life’s mission. When you do you will know what the new emotional psychology is all about.

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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