Praise for Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™

“This wonderful, inspiring book shows you how to achieve real wealth by connecting to your innermost visions, values and beliefs”-Brian Tracy, America’s leading authority on self-development and New York Times bestselling author

“Think of Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™ as your “Action Guide” to overcoming emotional turbulence. Diana Demar is brilliant. These principles really will help you live your best life”Randy Peyser, author of Crappy to Happy & The Power of Miracle Thinking

“Diana, this is so perfect! Your positive energy and outlook on life, relationships and so many other life issues will definitely make you a win-win for anyone who you coach. I am extremely proud of you! If anyone needs a referral, please ask them to contact me. G-d bless you, and all your works!”.–Rabbi Mentz, Spiritual Leader, Chabad of Bel Air, Los Angeles

“Diana, your book changed my life. I wouldn’t have made a change without it. God bless you forever!”– Ricki Martinez, Musical Director & Composer, Puerto Rico

Diana Demar’s Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™ principles are simple and will change the way you think, act and live your life in ways you never thought possible. This is a must read book for anyone committed to achieve remarkable results and true lasting success!”–Jay Silman, owner of Jay Silman Tax Services, New York

Praise for Diana Demar, CEC–Author, Speaker, Coach

“Diana is a great coacher; innovative and resourceful”–Yossi Mazoz, Owner Thurloe Corporate Acquisitions

“I am taking the time today, to write this letter of recognition and praise for my Success/Motivational Coach-Diana Demar. The significance of this piece is to illuminate the importance of those, like Ms. Demar who help us overcome substantial difficulties in life.

Like every other mature, working person in this society, I’m besieged with a multitude of problems; both personal and professional. Aside from my work in the masonry field, I’m also a musician wrestling with a recording project, have been divorced with my first wife, and no longer reside with my young son of ten. In each session with Diana Demar, I have gained a greater sense of self-worth and purpose; through her force of character and coaching techniques, I am better motivated to understand what must be done on a daily basis, so as to gain what I yearn for in life.

As my Coach, she has provided me with the impetus to reconstruct my relationship with my son, to better engender and foster the love I now have with my new wife, and to implement and complete my recording project. These things I truly believe would be for me nearly impossible to attain without her help.

Those who steady and strengthen us, also help us to see what can be-and hence should be appreciated as such, and forever encouraged to bring to light their exceptional gift: for if one of us benefits, then I believe we all do, and a Coach like Diana Demar has that wonderful gift of devoting herself in a positive, loving and healthy way. I only wish I can do the same for her someday”.–Patrick Meehan Jr., Construction Design Co./Musician, Los Angeles, CA

Diana, you’re good. You keep on with me where many others would have given up. I had given up. Today I feel better. I am glad you remained committed to me. I am once again on a roll — but this time, it’s for good. Thanks again for believing in me”.–From Cathy H.Writer, Monroe, Al

Diana, you have changed my life for good! Thanks for being my counselor and a friend too! I’m really proud of myself and you! All the world to you!”Felipe Real, Film Director, San Paulo, Brazil