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One of the simplest ways to awaken to the cravings of your soul and your life’s purpose is to take a closer look at some SMART objectives examples.

SMART objectives examples are based off the letters of the word.  Your mission in life must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive. I would add two additional letters to the SMART acronym to help make your life’s mission even SMARTER: Extramundane and Right now.  Let’s break it down letter by letter.

Specific SMARTER Objectives Examples

First, your life’s mission must be specific.  No one can live his life’s purpose if he does not have a crystal clear idea of what he came here, on Earth, to do for this particular period of a lifetime. Some know and live their life’s purpose from a very early age, while others drift around for most of their lives, and choose to never discover the true path that lies within themselves.

So, how do you know if a specific mission is your true mission?  Stop to re-examine your heart, and actually see yourself as already living your mission.  If it truly is yours, then you will feel goose bumps throughout your body when you just think about it, and it will “feel right”.


The M in SMART objectives examples is measurable. The things that really matter in life can be quite difficult to measure. You can measure it, however, by determining if you have followed through on your life’s mission by taking action, or you just keep “thinking” about it.  Everyone is given a mission for the short life they’re blessed with here, on Earth, and sometimes, measuring it is as simply as whether or not they have followed through on their soul’s deepest cravings.


Your life’s mission is attainable, although this one is truly a no-brainer, because if it is truly yours, pure and authentic, then it will be attainable.  Remember that the answer always lies within you.  You are created to do a very specific job, which means that you already know what that is, even if your conscious mind has not awakened to it yet.  Spend some time in silence, looking within, and you will see that your soul’s yearnings are highly attainable.


One of the most important parts of the SMART objectives examples is relevant. If your mission is not relevant to your soul, then it simply won’t “feel right”.  You’ll feel bogged down, meaning you will experience mental and energy blocks. You will feel lost and confused because you aren’t allowing your spiritual self to lead the way.  Relevancy is vital for your life’s work because your soul operates in the function that you are placed on this earth to complete what you came here to do, so you can continue on peacefully on the journey of life.


Time-sensitivity is one of the trickier SMART objectives examples, because time is relative.  You may have one timeframe in mind, but the universe may have a different one in store for you.  Either way, your soul is in tune with the universe. The only way to become in tune with the universe in to practice daily The Source of Wealth in You™ Meditation (from Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™) until it becomes a second nature to you so you can ultimately exist through it.


When your life’s purpose is to make X amount of dollars or to purchase an expensive car or a huge mansion, you will never be happy. Sure, those things will come along the way, but your life’s mission must be intangible and spiritual.  Extramundane means intangible or spiritual.  Your spirit truly does know the truth, and it knows the role you are here to play.  As soon as you are born into the material world the body-mind-soul connection is lost because of the nature of this world—this is a world of chaos, disorder and confusion. You must reconnect to the answers within. You must complete your life’s mission that you carry from another lifetime. But, often, people focus on external things, like cars and houses, instead of the internal mission that they came here to complete and it’s determined by what you came here to give, not the rewards the ego always seeks to receive.

Right Now

The R stands for right now, and this is related to the time-sensitivity issue, but it is not quite the same.  You must take action on your life’s mission.  Too often, people get into a comfortable place in life, where they end up just coasting along, and it seems like too much work to follow their life’s mission.  Then, it takes a jolt from some terrible event to wake us up.  Although this is the case most of the time, don’t wait until something terrible happens to wake you up.  Right now is the time to co-create your life. Take some time for yourself to awaken to your life’s purpose and to create your smart objectives. Design your life’s template. In a world full of chaos, it is your responsibility to co-create your life and to bring in some order so that you can peacefully travel through the journey of living your life’s mission.

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