Motivational Development: The Power of Support,
© Diana Demar

What do you think of when you hear the words motivational development? Maybe you see a sideline of your biggest fans cheering you onward towards the goal at the end of the field, chanting your name with vigor and holding up signs that point the way to your dreams. Maybe you feel the pats on the back from an encouraging co-worker who believes in your talents and notices all the little things you do to get ahead.

Now… when was the last time you felt this kind of warm support in your life? If you find that you don’t have enough of this motivation in your life, perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. Did you know that supporting others is all part of your motivational development?

Giving and Receiving

Because you ARE energy, there is a constant exchange of energy from within you on the outside. Yes, giving is just as important as receiving, and you will not receive without giving it first. Putting forth your pure energy and intentions is an important and beautiful cycle of love, light, and harmony.

Often times, people want to be on the receiving end of motivation, because giving it, after all, can feel like a lot of work. However, motivational support, much like energy, is one of those special things in life that must have equal parts of push and pull. Giving empowering energy and supporting others leaves you more open to receiving support from others. Additionally, it also makes you more likely to receive the motivation from them that you so richly desire.

Giving and supporting with an open heart and a cheerful spirit can not only change the lives of others, but it can also change your own. But how can giving build your own motivational development? How can supporting someone else will bring you increase? How can this help me?

The Benefits of Giving

In giving, you are open enough to see that while sometimes our situations are grim, this in and of itself is the human experience. In giving, you can see that you are not alone after all. There is a method to mayhem sometimes, bringing people together to work for the common good, opening your heart to receive more and to recognize the blessings in your life as they appear. Giving helps to celebrate not only by giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling, but giving support to others helps you to open your heart to receiving it.

Have you ever stopped to think about the way that your house was created? Many people do this with their very first home, watching in awe-inspired marvel as it rose from the ground to become their very own escape from the world.

First, they watch as the solid foundation is poured and smoothed, writing their names and placing their handprints inside. Then, they watch as the support beams rise. Without those support beams that home wouldn’t be very safe, would it? No support beam on its own would truly be supportive enough. They work together as a team to create the home that will be loved and cherished – the one that will keep them safe from the rain.

Life is exactly like a house. You cannot exist without a strong personal foundation to build a healthy and wealthy life. You cannot live without support, and you cannot survive long without giving it. When you lift up others, you are lifted up. When you give, you will always have enough. When you dare to befriend someone, be it with a simple smile or a kind word, you are opening your heart to receive the love that all human beings crave. When you begin to express the abundance of love you have within and when you let it flow freely you will begin to notice great changes in your life, heart, and spirit.

Begin the Cycle of Love

Motivational development is something that begins within you. When you recognize that your ability to simply support others cannot only change your own life, but the whole world, you will feel empowered and enriched. You came here with unique purpose, and no one can do for someone else what you can do. You are that important to the universe.

When was the last time you lifted someone up? When was the last time you stopped to help someone with their groceries, smiled for no reason at a passing stranger, or complimented an elderly woman on her new necklace? No matter how big or how small, support, in any dose, is better than what we can do alone.  And, if you haven’t been supporting others lately, don’t worry. It’s never too late to begin the cycle of love. It’s what you are after all.

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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