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    From iPods to luxury vehicles and everything in between, it seems that our generation has become entranced with the so called (or perceived) “valuable” things. Every place you look, you are invited to buy some new gadget or to join some “get rich quick” scheme. But as the economy has continued to fail and the planet we live in endangered with disasters both man-made and natural, we have all begun to come to the realization of what is of true eternal worth.

    Let’s step away for a moment from the things of the world and look at our world AND ourselves with new eyes. Did you know that if you checked your checkbook right now you would not find the true value of your life? Whether you possess one dollar or a million dollars, you are still a priceless treasure!

    Just think of our abundant Universe as the universal “bank” and yourself as a savings account. God gave you a great start with a wonderful down payment of grace, wonder, talent and purpose. As you begin to believe in yourself and accept your worth and purpose, your worth will only continue to grow!

    A sacred text reads: “I will not forget you. See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” What kind of things do we have engraved? Wedding bands, gravestones, gold bars, historic monuments . . . we only engrave things that have a great meaning and purpose in our lives. This permanent showing of love and worth could not be better represented than by an eternal marking of just what we are worth to the universal life force that we all come from and that which lives within and all around us.

    Today as you travel on your life journey, as you cross the paths of others, as you stand at the doorway of a friend or exchange glances with a stranger . . . may you take a deeper look at the bigger picture, knowing that no matter the labels you wear or the car you drive, your worth is of great magnitude and you are destined to do great and mighty things while you’re here, on Earth.


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