“Invest on the internal, or, there wouldn’t be a return on the external!  A solid personal and business foundation is a must for a healthy, wealthy and happy life”–Diane Demmar

“The Source of Wealth in You(TM) is the source of wisdom, courage, awareness, and authenticity each of us is born with–recover the link to the resources within”–Diane Demmar

“People don’t change; Life changes them. Finding ones own balance between what can be changed and what not–will solve the discord”–Diane Demmar

“The gold mine within is the only place to look for happiness”–Diane Demmar

“The Source of Wealth in You™ is the origin of infinite potential and strength each one of us is made of. The secret to success lies in restoring the link to this place”—Diane Demmar

“Everyone is here for a reason–to fulfill a meaningful purpose”–Diane Demmar

“Moving from place to place, job to job signifies a search for oneself on an internal level. The solution is–focus–a stable mind”–Diane Demmar

“Fear is often an illusion of the human mind”–Diane Demmar

“Life’s about finding your truth–for ones benefit and humanity as a whole”–Diane Demmar

“When you want to flourish, surround yourself with smart, thoughtful people, and weed out the rest”–Diane Demmar

“A peaceful mind is a happy mind. Any disturbance from within is bound to destroy you and others, all around you, in any way possible”–Diane Demmar

“The truth is inevitable; it will catch up to you no matter how fast you try to run away from it”–Diane Demmar

“Life’s about pure intentions”–Diane Demmar

“Knowledge, wisdom, solutions are always present, available, accessible at any time”–Diane Demmar

“The human ego is a double-edged sword. It can build some confidence, yet it’s the biggest obstacle to success and happiness”–Diane Demmar


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