• In a World Seemingly Ordinary… Choose to be Spectacular!, © Diana Demar

    Have you ever looked at your life from a distance and wondered what could possibly come of your seemingly ordinary life?

    If you said yes, I want to reveal a secret that will change the way you look at yourself forever. If you were to take a looking glass into the heart of your “ordinary” being you would find the makings of someone extraordinary. You are destined to go beyond the obvious and created to defy the impossible.

    If all of this is true and you really are created for such greatness you may ask yourself why you aren’t seeing the benefits of the “spectacular” in your life.

    I know that behind your creation there is a purpose, a chance to shine, and the seeds for growing every good thing and the capabilities to achieve every dream that will someday grow wild in the depths of your spirit. While these things are within you, to be truly fruitful they must be accepted.

    Albert Einstein was a child of great indifference. He disturbed class. He was hyperactive. His teachers thought he was a lost cause. Now, imagine that young Albert became distraught, insecure and gave up. After all, can you fathom being deemed “impossible”?!

    Despite the challenges he faced, through the snares of adversity, Albert conquered all by putting away the ordinary stigma that had been placed on his life and instead, accepting the extraordinary that had been given to him long before his life here, on Earth, began. Instead of being impossible . . . he went on to DO the impossible. He imagined the impossible . . . and he made it happen.

    Take some time today to reconsider: How are you living today? Are you living with the wisdom and knowledge that you are one out of millions or are you living with the divine purpose of knowing that you are one in a million? You are destined for greatness and made to go beyond the visible. Take a look at the bigger picture, take hold of your life with both hands and say “I refuse to ordinary . . . I am spectacular.”


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