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    Happiness wealth – the two go hand in hand in our society, especially as consumerism takes over and marketers try to constantly get you to buy their products.  After all, the more wealth and things that you have, the happier you “think” you are, right?  On the contrary, happiness wealth has less to do with getting all the “stuff” you want and more about keeping all that “stuff” from distracting you. Happiness wealth means fulfillment of your entire being.  It involves being wealthy in terms of happiness, not in terms of “stuff”, and focusing on what really matters to you.

    The material world is full of noise and chaos.  At every single given moment, there are hundreds or thousands of choices that you can make.  You choose what time to get out of bed in the morning or whether you even get out of bed at all.  You decide whether you want to hit the gym or indulge in that ice cream sundae.  You select the career that you want to spend your life doing or whether you want children or not.  All of these choices make for a very noisy head, full of thoughts that revolve around things that keep your attention outside of you, instead of how those things will actually affect you and your happiness wealth.

    The Basics of the Principle of Selective Desire®

    The problem is that most people spend their lives chasing the next fad.  You are constantly grasping for more “stuff”, thinking that the newest iPhone or the biggest TV will bring you happiness wealth.  However, happiness wealth already exists within you. All you have to do is just shift your focus away from all the “stuff” of the world and toward your inner self.  This is where the truth lies. What you must do is a daily practice of the Principle of Selective Desire®.

    The Principle of Selective Desire® means that you have the power to choose the things you chase after in life.  Your happiness wealth depends solely on the choices that you make and not what somebody else tells you to do. You have the power to choose which desires to reach for and which to leave where they are.   This is free will, and all of us are blessed with it.  You must learn how to tap into your free will and use it to run your life, allowing your choices to bring happiness wealth to your door.

    Put the Principle of Selective Desire® into Action

    The key to enacting the Principle of Selective Desire® in your life is to shift your focus.  You must take control of your thoughts, desires, and reactions –all of which will determine the way  you behave and act.  The material world just makes it far too easy to focus on the temporary choices of happiness and forget about what is really important: you.

    Most people don’t spend enough time looking within themselves for the answers to all the noisy choices that are floating around.  The answer to your search for happiness wealth is inside of you. Being distracted and confused by endless outer choices will prevent you from connecting to the truth that resides in silence and within you.  To find your happiness wealth you must reconnect with your true self, your soul, the inner you that has all of the answers.

    Physical Self Meets Spiritual Self (aka the Inner)

    You are the most important person in your life.  You’re in control of your happiness wealth, and only you have the answers to all of your problems.  The better you know yourself, the clearer the answers and your choices will be.  Trust yourself, and instead of fumbling around in the dark as you try to make a choice about which way to go, turn the spotlight on yourself and rediscover the answers that you always knew you had.  The Principle of Selective Desire® is that key that you have been fumbling around with in the dark, trying to find the keyhole.  As soon as that key makes the connection with the lock, the door opens. Make a choice today to start reconnecting with the Source of Wealth in You™. Invest in yourself by taking the time to communicate with your Higher Self.

    Your Soul knows exactly what you need and the choices that you must make for yourself.  This is why it is a priority to spend time getting to know that Inner Self. Turn off the television and the radio, and set aside 15 minutes each day to practice the Source of Wealth in You™ Meditation. When conscious breathing becomes second nature to you, you will awaken, and you will reconnect to the Source of Wealth in You™. Keep in mind that you came here for a reason; you have a purpose for this lifetime. The only way that you will reconnect to your happiness wealth is by getting to know yourself.  Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you need all kinds of material things.  Take a look at where you are at this particular time and simplify your life. Look within and ask yourself: “What do I really want more than anything?”  Then use The Principle of Selective Desire® to select your choices.

    © 2010 Written by Diana Demar

    Edited by Michelle Jones


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