Emotional Depression: Getting Out of the Rut, © 2010 Diana Demar

I spent quite a few years depressed in this seemingly endless cycle of hopelessness and despair. In fact, I remember a time so grim that it took my loved ones hours to convince me to get up from bed, but I couldn’t. As the time went on, I was so lost that I began to live with the consciousness that I was simply waiting to die, and I was content to find that way out.

If you are going through emotional depression, you probably share in some, if not more, of these feelings. The loneliness, the circle of emotions, and the feeling that death would be a pleasant escape from reality are all feelings that I don’t wish on anyone. I am here to reveal to you a secret: you are not alone, and there is a way out. The truth is that feelings and conditions are temporary, and they are guaranteed to pass. Our life here, on Earth, is for a certain period of time. It is guaranteed to end so that we can continue on our journey at a higher level of existence, or, return back again to finish up what we didn’t complete for this lifetime. This is why is so important to complete what you came here to do for this specific period of a lifetime.

Set Yourself Free

Depression and the feeling of hopelessness are like heavy chains wrapped tightly around our spirits. They keep us in bondage and rob us of our peace, our enjoyment, and our all around knowing that tomorrow is a bright new day of opportunity for a better life. Today, I encourage you to shed those feelings that are draining your spirit. Instead, envelope the energy force that you truly are, harness your true self and exist from your Higher Self.  You simply must continue on.

I am firmly convinced that you are created in such way that you are equipped for anything and everything. You are made to go above and beyond, even before this earth began spinning. You are created to overcome emotional depression, anxieties, and fears. I know that all things work together for good and always for a reason. I know this is the heart of the universe. I am certain that what you are going through is a necessary step along the path to the best to come. It is a lesson and transformation path that you must go through so that you can awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™ and make a change. The reason for all you’re going through is to help you grow and bring you closer to self-realization, oneness, and unity of it all.

What is the “Higher Self” or “true self”?

Well, deep inside your being, the real you – the one that is pure energy, love, success, and riches– that inner you cries out saying loudly “I’m here. Come and find me. I know you will do this. You came here for a reason, bigger than what you can see at the moment! There’s riches and wealth waiting for you to awaken to. You are not in this alone.” Your soul whispers, “You can and I know you will.”

Listen to that voice within. Don’t let darkness cloud your view of the spectacular life the universe has in store for you. Within, you are a well of prosperity, of fulfilled living, of great wonder and value, and if you could simply get a glimpse of how amazing you are created to be, the joy that would overtake your soul might just amaze you and take your breath away.

Choose Life

As you journey through the valley of life, choose to live. Choose to change your perspective, to get help when it’s needed, and to listen to the voice within that beckons to you like a long lost friend.  You are not here alone. You share this journey with so many who love and care for you, so reach out and reach in. Looking to not only friends, God, and family, but to your inner self is a must. You already have within all you need. You simply need to recognize the potential to go beyond the feelings, the hurt, and the anger.

Today, my wish for you is that you live your life to the fullest and that you begin to realize that this journey isn’t as hard as it seems. The simple solution is in the energy force within that is the Source of Wealth in You™. You ARE energy. You ARE love. You CAN rediscover the real you that you are created to be: happy, joyful, and fulfilled. However, most important of all, you are created to be free. Anything less than that is an anomaly, a delusion, un-real, and you must awaken to the Truth. My hope for you is that you climb out of this rut, knowing that you have all the equipment right here with you to scale the heights of the cliffs straight up to the mountaintops. You simply need to learn to use it.

Today, begin to take hold of your life, to connect and communicate with the Universe, through meditation. The Source of Wealth in You™ Meditation is a way of existence. When it becomes a natural part of your being, you will awaken. Transformation from emotional depression to living life to the fullest is what you came here to attain, so you can evolve to a higher level!

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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