Emotional Anger: Recognize the Blue behind the Red, © Diana Demar

Emotional anger is a poison to our spirit and a wrecker of our relationships. But what exactly is emotional anger?

Imagine with me for a moment…

It’s ten ‘til midnight, and your spouse flies through the door with a smile after playing a late night game of poker with his buddies. He bypasses the dinner on the table, gives you a polite kiss on the cheek, says “I’m spent”, and heads quickly off to bed.

Hmm… So, what’s the problem?

He was supposed to be home at ten. Meanwhile, you were slaving over a hot stove, getting the baby a bath, and planning what lingerie you’d wear to bed if you could manage to get the baby to sleep. However, that was IF your husband came home on time. What was he thinking? Was he forgetful or just plain dumb? I mean, really… who lets two hours pass, and forgets to call. Sheesh! He just doesn’t respect me. He just doesn’t get it.

Have you ever been at a place like this?  You are SO angry, so furious. And, while it may seem a small thing, you just can’t get over it.

But, somewhere in this sea of red you’re seeing, if you will look really hard, you’ll find that there’s a hint of melancholy blue. Can you feel it? Somewhere in the outburst you’re about to have, there is a hidden sadness and disappointment in your heart. But, unless you take the time to recognize it, it’s always going to come out unproductively, because it’s pouring forth as an angry poison.

Because in their anger most people often hide the emotion behind it, no matter how you fuss or fight, you will never truly find your peaceful center until you stop for a moment and think of why you are so angry. Where is the real emotion?

Could it be that you aren’t upset that your husband came home late and enjoyed a night of poker? Maybe it was that your husband coming home late felt like he was saying, “I enjoy my friends company better.” Or, “I forgot the time, because I wasn’t missing you, and all I had on my mind was me.” And, thus, because your night was spent caring for his children, cooking his dinner, and dreaming up how romantic it would be when he returned, this foil in your plans not only ruined your night, but also stole your peace.

Emotional anger is a tricky little booger. Because emotions drive people with such great passion, it can take a keen eye and an open heart to notice when your anger is real and when it is diverted on to a hurt feeling instead of an angry one.

Learning to let go of anger, upsets, and un-forgiveness is a vital part of finding your purpose. To truly be happy and well within, you must not allow emotions to block your energy flow. Doing so can make you not only emotionally spent, but also physically sick. Vindictive or angry emotions create energy blocks that lead to physical illness.

What are you holding onto today? Are you angry at something or someone because you are seeing red or because what they did left you feeling blue? Remember when you get your spirit in a knot, that anger is a secondary emotion. Emotional anger is derived from feelings of jealousy, pain, heartbreak, or confusion, and in a truly happy and successful life, there is no place for such unrest.

To live your best life, you must find your center of peace and realize that you were created to go beyond your feelings. You can’t trust your feelings, because feelings are temporary and guaranteed to pass. They can’t be ignored either. Work with your feelings and find a way to release them constructively. You must release the poisonous energy that you’re holding onto so you can receive a renewed pure energy that is, in most cases, love.  When emotional anger comes creeping up in your life, remember, seeing red means feeling blue. So, take a moment to let go of the anger through your breath by being absolutely alone. You can’t go forward and discover the true emotions behind your anger until you are willing to let go of it.

Imagine someone dangling happiness in front of your face. It’s just a few inches from your grasp, and you can’t reach it because you’re trying to hold on to an immoveable object behind your shoulder…

Its name is anger.

You will never experience true happiness until you let go of what’s behind you. That is blocking the perfect universal energy flow through you and all around you.

Today, I urge you to let go of emotional anger and to discover what is truly at its root. When you do, I believe you will be able to go higher, dream bigger, and live fuller than you ever dreamed.

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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