How to Overcome Anger and Irritability, © Diana Demar

It has been said (and sang, of course) that we live in a material world, and the nature of this world constantly requires us to look for ways of overcoming anger and irritability.  This world is a place of “he said/ she said”, and everyone is always on the defensive, ready to protect themselves against some outward force that would bring darkness on their inner world.  All this defensiveness causes you to become angry and irritable, and people take it out on each other.  Anger and irritability are both contradictory emotions, and no one wants to be around people who exude such emotions. However, think about this for a moment:  Could we truly know what it means to be happy and enjoy each other’s company if we did not also know what it means to be angry with someone?

Life in a World of Opposites

The world we live in is one of opposites.  We need two opposing forces to make things work.  Electricity requires both a positive and a negative charge.  Magnetism requires one force that pushes away and another that pulls in.  Life simply does not work without two opposing forces that attract one another, and overcoming anger and irritability requires you to have an understanding of this fact and realize how it applies to every aspect of your life.  This, in its very essence, is The Principle of the Opposite Action®.

The Principle of the Opposite Action® calls for you to wield the power of the positive and negative poles that exist in this world by connecting the world’s negative behavior with your own positive energy.  Everyone is made of that positive energy, but sometimes, you allow that energy to turn negative when you encounter situations, or people, that challenge you on a very basic level.  The key to overcoming anger and irritability lies inside you. It depends solely on how you react to the situations that make you angry.  You can choose to spread that poisonous energy by reacting the same way in an already destructive situation, or you can choose to share light in an otherwise dark world by connecting the negative energy in the world with your own positive energy.

The Source of Positive Energy: You

Just think of the material world as a source of the negative energy everyone needs for things to work.  However, when the world’s negative energy meets with more negative energy emanating from you, things begin to crash.  What happens when you put two of the same sides of a magnet together?  Placing two of the negative poles together causes them to push away from each other.  In the same way, when you push negative energy out into a situation that is inherently negative, you will find yourself pushing away from the world.  Instead of drawing in closer to make the world brighter, you are pushing away violently, severing the connection between the material world and your soul.

When that connection is severed, catastrophe envelops you, because your whole world becomes chaotic.  Just as everything has opposites, so the material world has an opposite: the spiritual world.  You must have a strong connection with both the material world and the spiritual world for the balance of your body, mind, and soul. On the other hand, when you respond to a negative situation with a positive reaction, then you are drawn in closer to that balance.

Utilizing The Principle of the Opposite Action®

Using The Principle of the Opposite Action® is as simple as doing the opposite of what you do not feel like doing, but it’s best for you.  Become aware of the fact that your mind, aka your ego, tends to confuse and play tricks with your soul. It’s your 24/7 enemy, constantly working against you. Remember, The Principle of the Opposite Action® works only within God’s boundaries and in-tune with the simple Principles of our perfect Universe, such as the Principle of Cause and Effect©, the Principle of Selective Desire©, the Principle of Restriction© (from “Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™”), and so on. When someone slaps you across the face, what do you immediately feel the impulse to do?  Probably slap them right back.  However, if you restrict your immediate reaction and trade it for the opposite action, you begin to connect your positive energy with the negative world.

The next time something that you perceive “as bad” happens to you, pause for a moment before you allow your reaction to come out.  Think about what your immediate impulse is, and do the opposite.  You’ll be amazed at the light that you can create in this otherwise dark world.

© 2010 Written by Diana Demar


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