Diana D. Demar Author, Speaker, CoachDiane T. Demmar, CPC, MBA (f.k.a. Diana Demar) is an American Entrepreneur–best-selling author, founder of The Source of Wealth in You™ (SOWIY™) business book series, SOWIY™ Success Technology®, a speaker, professional coach/consultant, actress, and singer-songwriter. Her innovative success tools are improving lives and businesses. In her first book from the series, “Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You”™: Reconnect to Your Personal Power to Achieve Ultimate Success, she offers success strategies and applications on how to achieve lasting success.


Diane Demmar’s ancestry (father’s side) traces back to the bloodline of Alexander The Great, King of Macedon, a state in Northern ancient Greece, and Eastern European (mother’s side). Mother Theresa, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Diane Demmar share a root of origin within close proximity.

Adult Life

After graduating from medical college as a Physician Assistant (PA), Demmar embarked on a life journey of exploration beyond the textbooks. She spent her early life in New York working as a model and actress; appeared in two feature films, both of which have won several awards (“Follow Me Outside”; “Teknolust”), acting opposite Oscar Winners Karen Black and Tilda Swinton

Relocating to Los Angeles opened new opportunities; Diane developed her public speaking skills at KRLA, a local radio station. Her experience on stage, film, and comedy radio enhances her ability to communicate–to personally touch and inspire people. Following the releases of CD’s (“Diana”; “Gypsy Girl”, “Unification”, “The Hits”) as a singer-songwriter (with a special appearance by RedFoo), Demmar continued the search for her true self and spent the next few years in meditation– leading to a transformational experience which awakened her own unlimited potential.

Diane Demmar is also a graduate of iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). She specializes in Core Energy Coaching, that is coaching in the internal in order to achieve results on the external. “I love assisting people, to see the change before my eyes; I help them bring youthful energy into their lives”, she claims. She’s also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Toastmasters International (TI) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Today, Demmar writes extensively on the internal human wealth and power promoting self-awareness and neuroscientific technology as the way to success and fulfillment. Diane claims: “We are energy and are connected through it; it keeps us linked with perfection, which is where we come from”. Her daily focus is on writing, teaching, consulting, and coaching utilizing a variety of success tools and programs.

Diane possesses a warm, energetic personality and brings this energy to any project in which she becomes involved. “I offer a foundation of trust to my clients; I am idealistically motivated with a naturally questioning mind. I serve my community through leadership and am ever mindful of assisting individuals to become role models while being one myself”.

As founder of Diana Demar Success LLC, SOWIY LLC, and Huntress Records, Demar works globally with professionals, groups, organizations and motivates people to achieve results. Diane Demmar’s audiences are smart people who have a healthy dissatisfaction with their current lives. They want to feel that they are not just living but flourishing. They care about truth, virtue, and others. Upcoming projects include a follow-up book series, as well as multi-media programs for rediscovery the Source of Wealth in You™. In the meantime, Diane continues to act in films, to write and record new songs. 

Diane Demmar has coached/consulted some of the world’s most successful leaders. Demmar’s latest projects include “Cracking the Success Code”, a book co-authored with the legendary Brian Tracy, and upcoming business book–a story about the current transformation taking place in our world on a personal, business and global levels. 

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